We partner with parents to raise tweens, teens, and college-aged students to create safe spaces where students can grow in an inclusive environment, be transformed by Jesus, engage in meaningful faith-forming relationships, serve as change-agents in their communities, and develop into spiritual leaders.


Confirmation is a major milestone in the faith journey of a student and is about helping students make two commitments: a commitment to follow Christ with their whole heart, and the commitment to uphold St. Luke's as a member of the church. A 6-session Confirmation class will be offered from October - March at the North Indy Campus for all students in 7th grade and above. Students will choose an adult to be their Confirmation Mentor to walk with them through the classes. Contact Travis for more info.

Indy North Campus: Sundays
Middle School @ 9:30 & 11AM
High School varying times
Midtown Campus: Sundays @ 10AM

Middle School (5th-8th Grade)


Middle School Small Groups

North Indy - Lodge: Sundays at 9:30 & 11AM
Midtown - Youth Room: Sundays at 10AM

Small Groups are the most important part of our ministry because they are the place where students build relationships with one another as they seek out a relationship with God. 5th-8th graders gather together for games, announcements, teaching, and small groups. At the North Campus, the Lodge is the building located in the Northeast corner of the parking lot. At the Midtown Campus, the Youth Room is located in the basement next to the Kids Space.

High School (9th - 12th Grade)


Small Groups

North Indy: Sundays at 9:30AM & 11AM - Hub | 12PM & 1PM - Lodge
Midtown - Youth Room: Sundays at 10AM

Small Groups are the most important part of our ministry because they are the place where students build relationships with one another as they seek out a relationship with God. High School Small Groups take place on a student’s “own time, own turf.” Since High Schoolers have a schedule that needs more flexibility, our small groups happen at different times throughout the week. Of course, we have small groups on Sunday mornings as well. To find the best group that meets your high schooler's needs, contact our staff and we'll help you find the best solution.

Sunday Morning Worship

North Indy - Sundays at 9:30AM & 11AM
Midtown - Sundays at 11AM

One of our greatest values is that students will go to church services, and won’t substitute youth group or small groups for the opportunity to worship with their church family. High Schoolers at the North Campus can gather in the High School Hub (located inside door 15) before and/or after services to grab a donut and see their friends. Students can then attend worship with their families or in one of our student sections in their preferred service. Students at the Midtown Campus can gather together in the lobby for a donut, then attend worship together in our student section.

FAQs and Resources

Every student is required to fill out a Medical Release Form before attending a small group, event, or activity. Please fill it out here.

At St. Luke’s, we believe in an intentional faith map for kids birth through college-aged. Our STEPS Curriculum and programming are designed to move our students through age-appropriate lessons. Here’s a quick outline.

5th-6th Grade – Foundations: We rotate through the Old & New Testament to provide a meta-narrative of the Bible to our preteens.

7th Grade – Confirmation: We talk about where our faith comes from and give students a chance to make a profession of faith in God and membership at St. Luke’s.

8th Grade – Spiritual Gifts: Students respond to their vow of membership by learning about the unique gifts they have to give to the church and beyond.

9th-10th Grade – Spiritual Practices: We talk about key spiritual practices to help students personalize their faith in a real way.

11th-12th Grade – Spiritual Roots: Students are invited to participate in workshops that help prepare them for college and beyond.

Yes. As one of the few open, inclusive, affirming churches in Indianapolis, your student will be met with love and acceptance no matter how they identify. Jesus calls us to love and respect, and we will model that to every single individual who walks through our doors. We respect every student’s pronouns, have both gendered and non-gendered group options, etc. We even have an LGTBQ+ High School Small Group! 

St. Luke’s is committed to working with families to ensure individuals of all ability levels feel supported and encouraged to grow in their faith. We have a buddy program for trained volunteers to partner with children who may benefit from extra support on Sunday mornings. We also have a dedicated special needs classroom at 9:30 in the Lodge at the North Campus for students who may need additional supports. Last, we have a small group for families raising children with special needs that meets monthly. Reach out to Crystal Hensley if you are interested in more information about the small group, receiving support for your child, or volunteering as a buddy!

Safe Sanctuaries is a required certification to work directly with children, youth, and vulnerable adults. This consists of a full screening process, including a Federal Background Check, Training, & supervision by staff. You may view our policy by clicking here. If you’d like to get certified, please contact Heather Kenison, Director of Student Ministries.

We offer plenty of opportunities to pay for retreats, mission trips, & activities by offering fundraising that puts money into Fundraising Accounts. These Fundraising Accounts bank through graduation and can be used any time to pay for any activity through our Student Ministry. There are two key fundraising opportunities in October & January. Contact Samantha Isaacs for more information or to check the balance of your Fundraising Account. 

Middle & High School Events

Middle & High School Staff

Volunteer with our Youth

Want to lead a small group? Think Invite Nights sound fun? Want to chaperone a trip? Get in touch!