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Family Promise

Family Promise's Apartment Shelter Program connects a family with stable housing that can all but eliminate the trauma associated with a shelter experience. Family Promise secures apartment units that serve as temporary shelter for a family with children. If the guest family wants to stay in the apartment and take over the lease, that's ideal. If they choose to find a new place, the now vacant apartment and its furnishings become a shelter for the next family that calls. The cost of providing one apartment shelter for one year is $22,000. 

GOAL: Raise $22,000 for one year of Apartment Shelter support

GOAL: Provide household items for one complete Apartment Shelter

GOAL: Provide meals to two families throughout March

Tenant Advocacy Group

“Hoosier families who rent their homes have long been at a huge disadvantage when they go to a court where the landlord has a lawyer and they don’t, and the judge may seem more interested in moving cases along than making sure (tenant) rights are protected. But sunshine is the best disinfectant. That means the minute a (court) watcher walks in the door of the courtroom, tenants immediately have a much better chance of being treated fairly.” – Fran Quigley, Clinical Professor at IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law; Director of Health and Human Rights Clinic.

St. Luke's Tenant Advocacy Group, or TAG Team, began following a book study in 2020 on the book Evicted by Matthew Desmond. Following the book study, several members wanted to see how we could. The group started by putting out an informational flyer of resources to help people struggling to stay in their housing. TAG is now involved in an eviction court watching program for Marion County.

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