Cost of Healing - Midtown

Cost of Healing - Midtown

May 21, 2023 • Rev. Mindie Moore

Over these past few weeks we have been a series around a popular theme surrounding the story of the Good Samaritan. It pushes us to think critically about how we respond to each other.  It amazing to think that with all of the technological advances we’ve had over the last 2 thousand years, most societies still struggle with the simple concept of being neighborly.  It’s sounds so easy.  You’d think we have this figured out by now.  I think at the heart of our response of being neighborly is a commitment to care for the things and people that God has created.  Its assigning a certain value to Gods creation.  Its seeing the living God I all things and people.  That determines how we care for it and how we care for each other.   Sometimes these opportunities can be planned, coordinated, but most times like in our text they happen unexpectedly in our lives.  

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