UMCOR: United Methodist's Gift to the World

March 08, 2024 • Rev. Rob Fuquay

This Sunday is known as UMCOR Day. UMCOR stands for United Methodist Committee on Relief. Started in 1940 by United Methodists caring for displaced and vulnerable people in the wake of World War II, UMCOR for the last eight-plus decades has provided hands-on relief to people around the world suffering from disasters, wars, famines, and abuse. Every year UM congregations are asked to take a special offering to support UMCOR. These funds support the administrative work of UMCOR so that when a special appeal is made like Ukrainian relief, hurricane disaster response, flooding help, 100% of the funds raised can go to hands-on relief. Because of what UMCOR receives from gifts this Sunday, they can direct ALL gifts for a crisis appeal to food, clothing, water, medical relief and more. 

I encourage you to read about UMCOR on their website, You can also watch this video that highlights the great work they do... 

This Sunday John Young, a retired pastor in our conference, will be wearing a green disaster response T-shirt. John is a volunteer Co-coordinator of Disaster Response for our Indiana Conference and leads and trains Early Response Teams responding to disasters. He will be recognized at the end of the services so that you can talk with John and learn about ways you might get involved locally with UMCOR initiatives and our conference’s disaster efforts. 

Two weeks ago I met with pastors of our largest UM churches around the country. In one session we talked about a vision for making people want to remain United Methodist. My simple word was “connection.” We are a connectional church, and the network United Methodists have around the world provide a missions support no individual congregation, and most denominations, cannot offer. UMCOR is the key reason. When we understand what UMCOR does, it should make us proud to be United Methodists. 


St. Luke’s is a leader in our denomination. Support like yours is a reason why. Thank you for all you do! 

Rev. Rob Fuquay