Still Praying?

April 29, 2022

“Night and day we pray earnestly for you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:10

It’s an oldie but still a goodie. Following the era of Prohibition, a liquor store opened up in a small town across the street from a church. The congregation protested the location of the store but there was nothing they could do…except pray. So they did. They not only had prayer meetings for God to do “something” about the liquor store, the church boldly called for the community to join them.

One day lightning struck the store and it burned down. The owner now protested against the church and sued them in court. He explained to the judge that the church’s prayers caused the loss of his business. The church leaders objected saying they can’t be held responsible for the liquor store getting struck by lightning.

The judge deliberated and returned with this conclusion, “The only thing that seems clear in this case is that the liquor store owner believes in the power of prayer more than the church!”

Well, I hope your belief in the power of prayer was strengthened during Lent. We were challenged to pray for 5 folks every day during the season. I am curious to know if you experienced anything unusual during that time? Any answers to prayer? Any responses or “God-incidences” in the lives of those you prayed for? Please email and let me know.

I know I experienced a few things. Of the people I prayed for, there were a couple of interesting events that occurred in the lives of those persons. I don’t want to say more since I have not shared about those I’ve been praying for, but it has given me motivation to keep praying.

I hope you will too. Keep praying for your five. Or start a new five for 40 days. Or just add to your number. Pray for the new community of faith St. Luke’s starting in Broad Ripple. Pray for the people we might reach and impact there. And, o course, pray for our nation and world with all its assorted needs.

I have come to find that prayer isn’t so much about getting God to give us our way as it is about putting us in God’s way.