An Important Way To Support Our Kids

December 09, 2021 • Rev. Rob Fuquay

“Take care that you do not despise one of these little ones.” Matthew 18:10 

This Sunday we focus on kids and will offer some ways we can support children. I want to give you one right now that is the easiest of all and could be the most important. Let me set this up, first. 

Yesterday morning I drove to a doctor appointment downtown. I was shocked, no, SHOCKED, when I came upon a school bus going the opposite direction. It stopped to pick up kids with red blinking lights and outstretched stop sign. Traffic my direction stopped and there was a lengthy line of cars stopped behind the bus. Suddenly the first car following the bus pulled out and passed it, yes, while stopped!!  

Thank the Lord no children were coming out from the front of the bus in that moment. With the recent incidences in our city, like the girl run over at a school crossing zone in Irvington last month, I just couldn’t believe what I saw. 

So here’s the request. Our neighbors around the church are getting exasperated by speeding traffic down Holliday Dr on the west side of the church. Many of the cars come from our parking lot. Of course, we host a lot of events here, and we can’t be responsible for the actions of every person who attends a function at St. Luke’s, but the neighbors say some of this is happening on Sunday mornings. One neighbor who has two small children called to share concern about his kids' safety, and our own security officer was nearly hit one Sunday. 

Believe me, I hate sounding preachy even as a preacher, but I would hate even more if someone from St. Luke’s was involved in a regrettable accident. My simple plea on behalf of our neighbors, our community, and even ourselves, is that we be extra cautious and patient. Just try humming Amazing Grace, or even better for the season, Away in a Manger, once you get behind the wheel. I find it hard to speed when I’m humming or singing those hymns. 

So I know this wasn't so much a devotion as a really big request but thank you for your support and being Christ’s advocate for the protection of "these little ones."


Rev. Rob Fuquay