Make-A-Will Month

July 31, 2023 • Rev. David Heetland

August is National Make-A-Will Month. This month not only serves as a reminder to complete important estate planning documents, but also provides the opportunity to utilize your estate plans to make a lasting impact on the people, communities, and causes you care about.

Many will take action to complete their wills this month. Why? Because no matter the value or nature of your assets, creating a will accomplishes several goals:

  • It helps you care for and protect your loved ones.
  • It empowers you to make important decisions on your own terms.
  • It gives you an easy way to support the causes you love, including St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

When you create your will you will have the opportunity to make a bequest to St. Luke’s. This type of gift costs nothing today but ensures that your church will be able to continue its vital and important ministries for generations to come.

In order to encourage you to write your will, or update it if you already have one, St. Luke’s will provide you with a free 25-page guide, Planning Your Legacy, to help you protect your estate and family. To receive your free guide, go to and click on Estate Planning Guide. You can also email me at to request your free guide. I hope to hear from you in the days ahead!

Rev. David Heetland