Getting Started: 3 Ways to be Anti-Racist

August 30, 2020 • St. Luke's Indy

When starting a journey and especially one as important as becoming Anti-Racist, knowing where to start is hard. We hear people are asking: What does this look like? What should I be doing? We want this change to be more than words on a page. We want to pair these words with action steps. With real lasting community change. In our first blog post, we told you our why and presented a great opportunity to learn more through our upcoming “Becoming an Anti-Racist Community” training.

We want to offer steps you can take today. Here are three steps you can take this week to join in; to become Anti-Racist, to make a difference.

  1. Pray. Say a prayer each day. That God will open your eyes and heart. That you'll be challenged to learn something new, to understand and feel others' perspectives, and know the part you can play moving forward. We believe in the power of prayer to enact change. To change ourselves and influence our community.
  2. Listen. Seek out an opportunity to connect with someone who has a different ethnicity from you. Look for a chance to talk with them. And ask them some practical and caring questions.

    You might ask: How are you? What is going well for you or what is bringing you joy? What is stressful or difficult for you in this season? What are you learning? And what are you hoping for? And then listen. Really listen. Let them share openly. Thank them for their time.

  3. Take Action. Register to Vote. Voting Matters. Click here to register to vote today.

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