An Everlasting Gift

December 07, 2023 • Rev. David Heetland

In this season of gift-giving, have you ever considered making a gift that will last forever?  You can do so.  Here’s how:

If you currently make an annual gift to St. Luke’s, consider endowing that gift by including the church in your will.  Just multiply the size of your annual gift by 25 and include at least that amount in your will for St. Luke’s.  For example, if you give $1,000 to St. Luke’s annually, plan to leave a minimum of $25,000 in your will for St. Luke’s endowment.  That will generate enough income each year to continue your $1,000 gift in perpetuity. 

Of course, you may find it possible to leave an even larger gift in your will.  Research suggests that the typical planned gift is 250 times the size of a donor’s largest annual gift. 

Whether your will commitment is 25 times—or 250 times—the size of your annual gift, be assured that it will be put to good use and will help ensure that St. Luke’s continues to fulfill its mission to help people find and give hope through Jesus Christ.

For further information on including the church in your will, visit our website,  Here you can request our free booklet, Planning Your Legacy.  In addition, if you have questions or want further information, contact David Heetland at 317.399,6202 or  As the pastor of planned giving at St. Luke’s, and as a Certified Financial Planner, he is here to assist you in creating a lasting legacy that reflects your values.

Rev. David Heetland